Oat Date Muffins {Muffin Monday}

Good morning! Welcome to another instalment of Muffin Monday! Today, we have a date with oat!

Oat Date Muffins Muffin Monday

It's Monday (in case you missed it earlier). Probably snowing AGAIN, depending on when this post goes live. I know, I know - it's winter and snow and cold and grey days are all part of the deal. Crappy deal, if you ask me - and I'll pretend you did. Quit your complaining you say? But what's Monday without the obligatory whine and moan?

Oat Date Muffins Muffin Monday

It's these - an experiment gone good! You may remember seeing them three weeks ago, if you are a part of my Instagram family. Oat Date Muffins made with coconut oil and Greek yogurt. Like a steaming bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit, these warm, moist, bites of sunshine will brighten up your mouth and your Monday. 

Oh, and there is cinnamon too! According to studies, smelling cinnamon can boost cognitive processing. So go ahead and boost your brain function a touch more by dusting the tops of the muffins with cinnamon while the muffins are still warm. We could all use a little extra boost on Mondays.

Oat Date Muffins Muffin Monday

No time to bake this morning? I made this recipe card using PicMonkey. Feel free to print and save for another time when you need to banish the Monday moans and groans. Or come back and visit, recipes get lonely too.

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