4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

Sugar Lace. Wrote a post about it. Like to read it? Here it goes...

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

So, it's Saturday night and my ADHD has settled enough to allow me to sit and draft this post. Okay, it's more likely procrastination in my case, as I've not been diagnosed with the former. But hey, these first couple sentences are a few key strokes in the right direction - away from the latter, that is.

Glad I got that ramble out of the way. Let's move on to the heart-shaped, lace-covered beauty above. 

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

A couple posts ago, I introduced you to this delightfully, delicious Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake. Since then, I've received a number of inquiries about the lace used to decorate the cake. More recently, I posted sugar lace leaves and flowers on Instagram and those garnered even more interest, so I've put together this post, along with a short video on the products I used to create the intricate edible lace.

The product is called Tricot Mix and it, along with the mats, are made by Silikomart. There is a link to Icing Inspirations at the end of the post to, where you will find these products. 

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

I'd like to impress you by saying this requires a high degree of cake decorating skill - the end result certainly gives that impression. But it's as easy as four simple steps - mix, spread, bake, apply. The mats and mix are a little costly, but the results they yield might be worth it to some. I've shown a variety of mats in the second photo above. 

I used approximately one-third (100 grams) of the package along with 80 grams of warm water, which yielded enough to make three strips of the Leaves Lace, four of the Baroc and two each of the small Flower and Nature mats. The trick is to salvage as much of the excess, as possible once the cavities are adequately filled.

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

I added a couple drops of gold Americolor Airbursh liquid to the mixture, as you can see in the photo above right. I was goingfor a vintage finish, but it still looked pretty white in the end. You can add any colour you prefer. I then whisked the mixture on the highest setting using the whisk attachment and my KA mixer. It will form soft peaks and appear the consistency of mayonnaise, when ready. For me, that was one minute of mixing.

Place the mats on cookies trays. Spread the mixture over the mats using an angled spatula. The designs are very intricate, so I found going over a couple times helped to ensure all the little crevices were properly filled. You can then use a bench scraper to remove the excess. I initially used my metal bench scraper, but I would actually advise against it. I see it damaging the mat overtime. I now use my plastic cake smoothers, as shown in the video, purchased from my local hardware store.

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

Once all the excess is cleaned away, pop them in a 178-degree pre-heated oven, still on the cookie sheets. The smaller designs were ready between 5-10 minutes and larger mats took a little longer - closer to 15 minutes. Now I'm not sure if that has to do with my oven being gas and it being a little humid with the furnace and humidifier blasting in my house. So, be mindful of the conditions in your home when approaching these and adjust your time accordingly. 

They will peel away easily from the mat when ready and will be pliable. Over-baked lace will crumble and crack easily. Under-baked will be tacky to the touch and stretch our of shape, if you are indeed able to remove them from the mat. 

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

For this set of cookies, I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the Baroc lace and then applied the cut-outs to the royal icing while it was still somewhat wet. My next post will feature some of the other ways in which I used the lace on these cookies. In the meantime, here is a quick video.

Hopefully my voice didn't across a little too 1-900-ish. I edited and added the voice-over for the video around 2:00AM Saturday morning, shortly after we returned home. And it was done from the comfort of my bed, using only the iMovie iPad app. So if my voice was indeed a little breathy, rest assured that watching the video does not incur any charge. :) 

Below are some of the finished cookies, rubbed with a little colour for a vintage feel.

4 Steps To Stunning Sugar Lace

Please note that the product I refer to in this post is prepared differently to SugarVeil. I have used SugarVeil and love it, as well - you may remember my Halloween Witch Cake

I found this Tricot Mix a little easier to use and a little less temperamental. I also like that I could use the mix immediately and not have to wait overnight, as is the case of SugarVeil. In any case both products produce exceptional edible lace-like designs.

Chrissie from Icing Inspirations, where the products are sold, also has a video showing how to use the mats and mix. 

I'll be back on Monday with another muffin treat to help start the week off. Then we'll jump into some Valentine's Day goodies.

See you back here soon!