Red Velvet & White Chocolate Gift Cake

This is my final post of 2012, which brings my total posts for the year to a nice round 60! So I am wrapping up the year in a sweet, little, edible box complete with a festive sugar bow.

As I've already shared this cake on my Facebook page and Instagram a couple weeks ago, I'll keep it short and hopefully sweet. 
Before the stencil was applied.
This was a gift... literally. Courtney, who is the colleague of a friend, requested it for her friend's 24th birthday. Courtney sampled the Chocolate Espresso Giraffe cake I made for my friend's birthday back in July and liked it enough to order this cake months later.

The cake is three layers of of red velvet, filled with white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream and masked with white chocolate ganache. I covered it with a very thin layer of Choco-Pan white chocolate fondant, then scored a line around the cake to give the impression of a lid. Completed, the cake was a 6x6 cube.
I later added the starburst stencil design, which K thought was 'not such a good idea'. He waited until I added the design to proclaim he liked it better plain. Go figure, huh!

The YouTube video by Lesley from The Royal Bakery was helpful in making the bow.
Colouring gum paste red is a real pain and just plain messy - I know. So instead, I used red fondant mixed with a little tylose to make the bow and tails. The colour appeared a little flat after drying for a couple days, so I airbrushed them using Americolor Amerimist Tulip Red. I used plain fondant to make the bands of red ribbon on the cake, as they are located on parts of the cake that would be eaten.
I used gum paste for the tag and a mini heart cutter to create a cut-out in the tag to insert a red heart, so that it was visible on both sides of the tag. Instead of adding the note myself, I thought it would be more personal if Courtney did, so I included an edible marker with delivery. 
I was very pleased to receive this photo from Courtney after it had been cut by the birthday girl, with a note of complete satisfaction.
Courtney thank you for allowing me to play a small, sweet part in your friend's special day!

So this is it my friends, post nombre de soixante - 38 more than I did last year!! Thanks for hanging in with me. I appreciate your comments, emails, and interest in my blog. A very special thanks to those of you who are subscribers to my blog - I would love to hear from more of you in the new year. 

I hope that you all had a wonderful christmas and wish you the very best for 2013.